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Shoes are perhaps the most annoying item to pack given their awkward shape, weight and dirt.


Skifts - Spliced

Skifts is derived from the Swedish word skifte, which means the change or transition from one thing to another. Our footwear is changeable by nature to accommodate travel.

Typically, a leisure trip to a sunny destination could be covered with 2 or 3 types of footwear. The rest can be rented on the spot or should be accounted for in advance. All other situations can be categorized as follows:

  • Beach

    Strolling around a city in the blistering sun or walking on the beach with the sand between your toes; flip flops are a must.

  • Hike

    When hiking shallow waters or a small forest trail, you will appreciate the extra grip around your ankle a sandal could give.

  • Formal

    Bars, restaurants, temples or clubs: your feet should be fully covered. Taking closed footwear is mandatory.

The Benefits

Less weight, bulk & dirt

When you only have 1 pair of outsoles and these are always on your feet, you will save space, weight and even money.

Dirt accumulating at your soles will stay out of your luggage so you'll travel more clean too.

Fast, usable & strong

Connectors are easy to handle, so you can change functionality in mere seconds whenever you need to.

Nice bonus: Skifts connectors are replacable. In case of the unlikely event of breaking, swapping them is also a breeze.

Invisible to the eye

No strange design elements that reveil you are wearing interchangeable shoes. Skifts are designed with common aesthetics in mind, allowing you to dress in style.

We think the best design is invisible and we focus only on style and use cases.

Stop thinking & pack happy

Preparing and packing for your next trip should be fun. Admit it. We all sometimes get stressed out on what footwear to pack. That's history now.

Environment Friendly

Skifts are 100% recyclable as they are modular by nature. Also due to their design, they are completely glueless and thus free of chemicals.

Start basic. Upgrade later.

Start with a citytripper package. Buy more extensions later when you think you need them. Learn more about the packages & upgrades in our pricing section.

How it Works



The first step is taking out the insole, so the connectors and their respective hookpoints become visible.



Unhook all connectors so you can completly remove the extension.



Connect the new one by attaching all connectors to their hookpoints. A small click ensures a solid connection.



All done. Put the insole back into its place.
Make sure to firmly press the insole for a flush fit.

Skifts in Numbers

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Hotel & Home

You are not keen on getting quality travel footwear, and then only use it a few times a year? We understand. Time to learn about our Hotel & Home extension.

Perfect for you are not travelling and kick back at home after a long day at work. Can also be used if you are not a fan of the throw-away slide ins they typically provide in Hotels.

  • Perfect for when you are not traveling
  • Luxurious all leather slide-in which is anti-bacterial
  • Gives your insoles the chance to mold into the shape of your feet


You can always buy extra extensions later for the fixed price of 39 EUR-, / each.
You save 5% to 15% if you buy a travel package.


99 99
Experience the joy of minimal travel
  • Beach
  • Hike
  • Formal
  • Hotel & Home
  • Skifts - Spliced


149 99
Enjoy your Skifts all year around
  • Beach
  • Hike
  • Formal
  • Hotel & Home
  • Skifts - Spliced

Reviewed by Experts

Must haves to avoid checked luggage fees! Budget operators charge easily up to 40 EUR- for an extra bag in Europe. While you don't need much luggage for a citytrip, shoes are always an issue. Skifts are never.

Bart Lapers, TravelMagic

I'm surprised how far this concept has evolved. The beach and hike prototypes we have seen here at AS Adventure are gorgeous. The formal could be a bit more dressy according to us, but what a concept! Our clients will love it.

Bart Knoops, AS Adventure

Ready to travel smart? Every bit helps!